When a board of directors meet, it is crucial that the meeting run smoothly and that all the issues are addressed. The following board meeting procedure is a guideline to ensure that the meeting proceeds according to plan and that all the important points are addressed.

The chair begins the meeting by welcoming guests or new members and discussing any personal or formal matters. A formal introduction of the board is then given and the officers present themselves.

The board is flooded with a lot of information between meetings, typically in the form of committee reports and correspondence. The chair should be able to allow time to devote to this during the meeting, but it is essential to ensure that this does not distract from discussion of most pressing issues.

After the board has discussed the past performance, its achievements and the challenges, it will proceed to the future strategies. This will involve brainstorming ideas to help the company grow, develop and increase its market share in different departments. The board will then think on the best way to implement these strategies and come up with actions items for the management team to do this.

The board usually discusses any new business item that has been submitted to the meeting by board members or the executive management. The board will also go over any old business that hasn’t been resolved. The chair will then ask the meeting to an end.